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  • 3/8" - 4" Connections:
    • Seamless drawn housings
    • O‐ring seal
    • Corrosive resistant gray powder coat carbon steel
    • Stainless steel torsion clips
  • 3" - 12" Connections:
    • Heavy duty T bolts for easy maintenance
    • Corrosive resistant black powder coat carbon steel
    • O-ring stays in place with unique U-channel groove
    • Inlet & outlet 1/4” gauge taps
  • Technical Specifications:
    • Vacuum Rating: medium vacuum service
    • Temp (continuous): min ‐15°F (‐26°C) max 220°F (104°C)
    • Filter change out differential: 15-20"H2O (37‐50 mbar) over initial Δ P
    • Polyester: 99%+ removal efficiency standard to 5 micron
    • Paper: 99%+ removal efficiency standard to 2 micron


CSL Series: Right Angle Inlet Vacuum Filters

Solberg’s CSL Series Inlet Filters for vacuum pumps are designed for various industrial vacuum processes where harmful particulates are present. Ideal for protecting the inlet of most vacuum pumps, our CSL Series comes standard with a variety of replaceable filter element options that offer superior protection and longevity for the vacuum system.

Solberg’s CSL Inlet Vacuum Filter Series: 

  • Ideal for both wet and dry vacuum pump technologies
  • Protects your pump from ingesting abrasive dust particles
  • Right angle configuration offers easy access to the replaceable filter element 
  • Threaded connections available in ⅜ - 6 inches
  • Flanged connections are available in sizes 4 inches and above


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