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Water Separators remove Liquid Water from Compressed Air Lines

If you answer YES to any of these questions then you may need to install a water separator in your air system.

  1. Do you have water in your air lines?
  2. Are you missing a refrigerated or desiccant air dryer?
  3. Are you limited on your budget?

Water separators are an inexpensive way to reduce the amount of water from entering your air system or production area.

n-psi (Nano Purification) offers high quality industrial water separators for any application.  “Bulk water can be found in all compressed air and gas systems.  This can be very costly, resulting in corrosion, damage to tools and machinery downtime.
We offer a range of water separators, which remove 99% of bulk water.  this highly efficient products enhances the reliability of compressed air adn gas systems, eliminating the problem of costly downtime.
Exceptional performance levels
The unique fins on the centrifugal module have been custom engineered using the latest computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software to identify and eliminate points of low efficiency, ensuring excellent liquid removal even at low flow velocities.
The shield at the bottom of the module prevents re-entrainment of separated water and creates a calm zone, which significantly improves drainage characteristics.
1/4″ to 3″ threaded housings are manufactured in robust cast aluminum alloy with a corrosion protective E-Coat finish, applied internally and externally.  Exceptional performance backed by a 10 year housing warranty.
Tested in accordance with ISO 12500-4″

BEKO Water Separators

“Areas of application CLEARPOINT® water separators/filters are designed for the separation of solid particles, aerosols, oil vapours and odours from non-aggressive compressed air or industrial gases. Depending on the specific application, the filter housings are provided with different inserts”

Do you need air lines?   Take a look at the Rapidair aluminum air piping kits.

Feel free to contact one of our experts with related questions in separating water from your compressed air lines.

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