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  • 3/8 to 3" NPT pipe size
  • 25 to 1,500 SCFM capacity
  • 04W to 30W separator element size
  • 232 PSIG pressure rating
  • 140°F maximum operating temperature
  • CRN approved


The BEKO Technologies CLEARPOINT Threaded Water Separator is designed to remove large quantities of condensate downstream of aftercoolers, performing at flows as low as 30% and as high as 150%. The water separator insert design is engineered to provide ultra-low differential pressure throughout the entire range in combination with the curved inlet. The unit is housed in flow optimized, anodized, extruded aluminum. Large connection sizes to flow ration allows the unit to fit into an existing compressor without oversizing. CLEARPOINT separators and filters can be combined using a modular design feature that precludes the need for any additional fittings or pipe.

All ranges of separators include a BEKOMAT drain as an option, while 160 SCFM capacities and below include a float drain option.

The compressed air flows into the inlet, after which an internal turbine insert makes the compressed air rotate with high velocity, directed outward, forcing the condensate into the separator wall where it flows downward. The rectifier leads the separated compressed air to the outlet, keeping flow losses to a minimum. A large area void prevents the entrainment of condensate. More than 60% of condensate will accumulate, and is drained with the optional float drain or zero air loss BEKOMAT. A rising pipe prevents particle transfer to the upward flowing, rotational compressed air stream that has already been treated. The fully treated compressed air, now free of fluids and condensate, flows downstream to other inline components or the point-of-use.