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What to do with your old air compressor?

I know what your thinking, you just purchased a new compressor and your asking yourself;
“what am I going to do with this old air compressor?”  No worries, you have a few great options;

  1. If your old air compressor still has some life and you have room, keep it as a back up compressor.  Back up air compressors are UNDER RATED.  If your new compressor sneezes; the back up compressor is there to keep your plant running.   If your new compressor is due for service; the back up compressor is there to keep your plant running.  Calculate how much your plant generates per hour and calculate 8 hours of down time, it’s worth having back up.  If you do hook up the old air compressor as a back up machine, stagger the pressure switches so the old compressor is set 5-10 psi lower than the load set point on the new compressor.
  2. If you purchased or have a reliable back up compressor then sell the old compressor on any social or online auctions like craigslist for local listings or ebay for online auctions.  A good rule of thumb would be $100 per 1 hp for good condition or $125 per 1 hp for great condition.  If it’s a well known brand and in great-excellent condition, then you may be closer to $150-$200 per hp.  In any sale, it’s always recommended to take quality photos.   And try to clean up the old compressor as the cleaner it looks, the more you’ll sell it for.
  3. If your old air compressor has been decommissioned then its best to cut a large whole or cut the tank in half with a torch or cutting tool.  This can eliminate any liability if someone else takes the old compressor tank from your property.  We don’t recommend it but we have heard some people cutting the old tanks into bbq pits                                                          (I hope they used food grade oil 🙂
  4. Salvage the old compressor for scrap.  Many clients will separate the metals for better scrap value; steel, copper (electric motor), cast (pump), etc.

Feel free to contact anyone at the Compressor World office to discuss your old air compressor application.  Compressor World specializes in selling air compressors, air dryers and tanks to any and all fabrication, manufacturing, university, medical, automotive and granite fabrication shops


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