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Ways in Which a Rotary Screw Air Compressor is Advantageous

Ever caught yourself thinking hard about the type of air compressor you wish to purchase? Of course, while buying one you will look for features like durability, capacity, efficiency and price. However, even after you have decided on these factors, you won’t still have much clarity on the exact kind of compressor that you wish to purchase.

Every machine has a specific and distinct function. Therefore, before you finalize your purchase decision, you must understand what the functions of each compressor are. In this article we discuss only the advantages of a screw compressor. In case you are purchasing a screw compressor, here is the list of advantages that you will experience:

Higher Specific Output

A screw air compressor gives a higher specific output than other compressors. These compressors i.e. the screw air compressors outperform all other types of compressors and this can be said because a 65 CFM compressor with economized screws gives more than 134 percent as compared to any reciprocating air compressor. Since a screw compressor is compact, it can be easily fit into homes.

Less Moving Parts

A rotary screw air compressor is designed in such a way that that it needs fewer moving parts than other types of compressors such as reciprocating compressor. Even the functions of a screw compressor are such that the compressor can run on fewer parts. In a screw compressor, because of innovations, the number of parts has been reduced significantly. New technology does not allow for rolling element bearings or valves. All in all, the screw compressor has become a lot more compact.

Reduced Vibration

Another great advantage of a screw compressor is that it promises reduced vibration. Once again, it is the brilliant design of a screw compressor that allows for reduced vibration. And the compressors prove that the vibration levels can be brought down to as much as 1/30th the levels as compared to a reciprocating compressor.

Less Refrigerant Loss

One might not be aware that screw compressors also promise a reduced risk suffering refrigerant loss. This happens because the efficient system and design of a screw compressor allows for reduced vibration within the entire system. Less refrigerant loss is one of the biggest benefits that any air compressor can offer.


These are just a few out of the innumerable advantages that a screw based air compressor offers. Reading about them in detail will give you quite a good overview about the functions and technology of screw compressors. All in all, it can be said that screw compressors are one of the best variety when it comes to selecting smaller and compactor compressors that give maximum efficiency.


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