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Replacing Air Intake Elements for Air Compressors

Air Intake and Your Compressor – The Linkage

While there are a number of things that contribute to the functioning of an air compressor, the role of air intake is as important. It is essential that the intake air is clean and clear. Unclean and contaminated intake air can hamper the normal functioning of air compressors causing them to perform below efficiency levels.

Presence of moisture, dust and other such unwanted antibodies makes intake air unfit for intake. Excessive drop in efficiency levels can lead to extensive expenditure and wastage of energy. Once contaminants reach different parts of the compressor, they can damage these parts.

Working – How Intake Air Is Important

At the time the inlet air is cooler, it is also denser or thicker as compared to its density at other times. The mass-flow as well as the capability of the air increase with the decline in the intake air temperature.

What happens in the reverse situation is that the temperature of the air increases and the mass flow as well as the pressure capability experience a decrease. Monitoring air intake is important so as to check whether the air compressor is overall capable of providing the standard efficiency. Monitoring is also required so as to prevent damage because of contamination caused by intake air’s quality.

Air Pressure Gauges and Air Filters

Both air filters and air pressure gauges are instruments that are used in measuring the quality as well as the quantity of the air intake. Both quality as well as the quantity of air has an important role to play in the functioning of the compressor. The air compressor gauge is particularly indispensable for maintaining the optimal compressor performance.

Selecting an Air Filter for Your Air Compressor

You should install a compressor intake air filter in a clean and cool location. Any compressor manufacturer will supply or recommend only a specific grade of intake air filter that is designed specifically for the compressor that you own. The quality of filtration at the compressor inlet decides the maintenance need of the compressor. The better the quality the lesser is the maintenance requirement. On the other hand, the gauge monitors the state of the inlet filter.

Replacing an Inlet Filter

In case you are experiencing any difficulty or problem in running your air compressor or notice that it is eating up too much energy, it is time to get the machine checked. If there is any damage or defect in the intel filter, you can get it replaced. If the inlet filter gets dirty or coagulated, it can be cleaned. However, if the inlet filter is damaged, it needs replacement. The cost of getting the filter replaced may vary as per the requirement of your compressor.


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