Reduce Energy Costs with VFD Air Compressors

by Matt Mazanec

Tired of your high energy costs from your air compressor? California's energy costs are increasing and one of best way to reduce your utility bill would be to buy an air compressor with variable speed drive.

Variable speed drive technology reduces the in-rush current upon start up as well as the drive/technology will match the air demand to the compressor output.

If you're thinking of installing a VFD air compressors then you should know your air demand.  We would recommend installing a flow meter, get to know your air consumption and size your air compressor accordingly.

Sizing VFD Air Compressors The VFD should operate from 20-80% of full load of the compressor.  Most VFD air compressors turn down to 20% of full load.  Some of the major brands are; Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, Mattei and Chicago Pneumatic.

Do your homework, try to find the best air compressor deals; Atlas Copco has a 15% discount on all of their VFD air compressors up to 50 horsepower.      

Don't forget your air tank.  It's recommended to have a minimum of 2 gallons of storage when sizing vfd air compressors, the more storage you have, the better. Compressor World has a large selection of VFD air compressors.  Call 866.778.6572 to get an experts opinion.  Our staff has over 50 years experience in sizing air compressors. If you have any questions on the components you should have in a total air system, review this infographic for tips and descriptions.