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Looping Your Air System Reduces Air Problems

Did you know looping your air system can save your plant energy? A lot of customer call and complain about not enough air pressure at the tail end of their air system. We call this a dead end, a quick fix would be to “loop” the air lines so the air flow can run in different directions.

Compressed Air Pipe Systems
Compressed Air Pipe Systems

For example, if you have 300′ of 1″ air line (not looped) with eight-(8) 90 degree elbows (25′ per elbow) which is an additional 200′, this gives you 500′ of pipe, the pressure drop from the compressor room to the end could be as high as 2.210 psi per 100′ or 11.05 psi drop for 500′ of pipe.

In many cases, what people call a capacity problem is actually a distribution problem. A quick fix for this problem would be “looping” the air system. This would enable air to flow in both directions. In the example above, the air piping of 500′ would be calculated at 250′ because the air flow is distributed evenly. Therefore, the pressure loss would be 5.525 psi.

Type of Air Pipe
We generally recommend using Type-L Copper for all air installations. We have two reasons;

  1. Copper air tubing can be located at any industrial supply center
  2. Copper doesn’t rust

Aluminum is another source for air lines. Installing aluminum air lines are quick and easy, especially with the fittings they have designed. It’s like installing legos with an adjustable wrench and cutting tool. The biggest disadvantage using aluminum air lines would be stock. You may have to wait a few days to get the stock due to shipments and inventory. A lot of this aluminum piping is located at the factory.

Feel free to contact our staff to receive the loss of air pressure due to friction chart and more information on aluminum air lines.; 866.778.6572

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