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Air Compressor Parts Aftermarket vs. OEM

Every air compressor manufacturer offers a warranty on their product.  To maintain the warranty, you must follow the manufacturers maintenance schedule.  Which means using all OEM parts, sampling the compressor lubricant during the warranty period.   Should a problem arise during the warranty period, make sure you have all of your records; ie., receipts, oil sampling results and maintenance logs.  Your factory service center will need this information to submit a claim.  It is recommended to read the operation and maintenance manual and create a maintenance log for your equipment.   

Again, to maintain warranty you should follow these guidelines:

  • Use machine as factory intended
  • Register your machine online with the factory (For example, here is the link to Quincy Compressors online registration)
  • Follow the factory recommended maintenance schedule
  • Have service performed by a factory recommended service company (not required but recommended)
  • Use OEM parts & lubricant
  • Perform Oil Sampling
  • Keep records of all service visits

Once you have surpassed the warranty period, using OEM parts and lubricants is not mandatory.  Aftermarket parts are available and can save your and your company substantial amounts of money.   In some cases 200-300%.

Not all parts will have an aftermarket version.  The most common parts are the regular maintenance parts.  Air filter, oil filter, separator elements, in-line filtration elements, hoses, fuses, belts and other “consumables” most likely have an aftermarket cross-over.  The more “internal” parts may not.  Items such as motor components, air end parts, temperature probes, sensors and control panels most likely will need original OEM parts replacement through the factory.

Switching to aftermarket parts is a safe change.  Many customers are cautious to switch over but there are many reputable companies that manufacture durable and long lasting aftermarket parts.  Your local compressor service company will most likely have several companies they work with regularly and use their aftermarket parts to perform service.  Customer beware, if you outsource the service to your air compressor, check to see what they are using.  Service companies have been known bill for OEM parts and install aftermarket parts.  A good way to check would be to ask for pricing on both OEM and aftermarket, control your service center before they control you.   

Regarding aftermarket parts, there are many benefits:

  • Maintenance costs (regular scheduled service visits) are reduced
  • Parts are more readily available
  • Aftermarket parts are direct replacements.

Compressor World recommends using aftermarket parts after the warranty period.  Use the savings and buy a new air dryer, additional air storage tank or put it aside for a new energy efficient variable speed compressor 🙂

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