• 99°F pressure dew point suppression
  • 55.1 CFM capacity
  • 1/2" NPT inlet/outlet connection


The nano-purification solutions DHM 0055 100F, 55.1 SCFM Membrane Air Dryer removes particulate, liquid and aerosol vapor that could damage a compressed air system. The unit is designed to provide clean, dry compressed air in environments with strict safety or environmental requirements such as low flow environments, noise and corrosion sensitive areas, areas without electrical supply and locations with explosion proof requirements. It can also fit in environments with space restrictions, widely fluctuating temperatures or high vibration areas. 

A membrane compressed air dryer consists of thousands of hollow fibers sealed inside a hollow tube. The membranes have a surface coating that allows for water to permeate through the fibers while the compressed air remains. The air stream is consequently dried due to the water escaping. This dry air will have a dew point that is lowered up to 100°F compared to the original membrane dryer inlet dew point conditions. The membrane is able to work continuously by using a portion of the dried air to purge the moisture removed out of the system through the exhaust vents.