• 750 SCFM capacity
  • 150 PSI max pressure
  • 120°F max temperature
  • -40°F pressure dew point
  • 3" flange
  • Designed to operate at 100% duty cycle
  • Heavy-duty air intake filter
  • Microprocessor-based Energy Management System


The Deltech RP750 heated desiccant air dryer is designed to provide seasonal protection against freezing and reduce purge air consumption. ISO 8573.1 Class 2 (-40°F) dew points protect usage points from freezing during winter. Class 3 (-4°F) dew points keep air systems nice and dry all summer long. In combination with Ambient Air Amplification (A3) Purge Technology, the Deltech RP Series guarantees dew point performance from 300 to 3,200 SCFM. 

The Deltech RP Series features towers filled with high-grade activated alumina, a low-watt density heater to save energy and prevent premature desiccant aging, soft-seated check valves, function indicator LEDs, and heavy-duty air intake filter. Inlet/outlet connections from 1.5 to 2in NPT have pneumatic angle-seated valves, while sizes 3in and larger have inlet switching purge exhaust butterfly valves. The temperature and humidity-sensing technology embedded in the Energy Management System control ensures dew point stability without the need for periodic recalibration. Constant desiccant bed monitoring uses algorithm-based protocols to deliver precise control of the A3 Purge Technology.