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  • 5 to 1200 SCFM capacity
  • 38°F (3°C) pressure dew point
  • 232 or 250psig max pressure
  • 120˚F max temperature
  • Voltage
    • 115/1/60
    • 460/3/60
  • R-134a or R-407C refrigerant
  • CSA approval
  • ISO 8573-1 Class 4 to Class 5

Tech Specs

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Deltech HGEN Series Non-Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer Technical Specifications


The Deltech HGEN Series non-cycling refrigerated air dryer is space-saving and designed to keep air systems at a dry 38°F (3°C) pressure dew point. The HGEN Series 5 to 50 SCFM models have smooth bore, copper tube-on-tube heat exchangers that deliver low pressure dew point performance and a centrifugal separator that efficiently captures liquid condensate at varying inlet loads. The HGEN series 5 to 15 SCFM models feature a pneumatically operated float drain and lighted on/off switch, while the 25 to 50 SCFM models come with an electronic drain valve, lighted on/off switch, and dew point temperature indicator. The static condenser design provides quiet operation.

The Deltech HGEN Series 75 to 1200 SCFM models feature stainless steel, cross flow heat exchangers to optimize heat transfer and smooth, non-fouling channels to promote low pressure drop. Herringbone geometry stamped into the stainless steel plates creates turbulent flow for a self-cleaning effect. An increased calming zone and integral demister and separator captures liquid condensate and solid particles, which effectively removes condensate from 0 to 100% flow conditions without moisture carryover. The dryers have a dew point temperature display indicator to monitor inlet load conditions, timed electric condensate drain, panel mounted drain timer control, and a Y-strainer to protect the valve from rust and scale. 

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