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  • 30 to 635 SCFM
  • 210 PSIG max operating pressure
  • 140°F max inlet air temperature
  • 115°F max ambient temperature
  • ISO 8573.1:2010 Class 5

Tech Specs

Due to the complexity of the data presented in some of the images below, describing them accurately in text is challenging. If you require further assistance, please contact one of our engineers for more detailed information.

nano-purification solutions TMC Thermal Mass Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer Tech Specs


The nano-purification solutions TMC Thermal Mass Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer utilizes a glycol thermal energy circuit to save energy and money by only running when needed to match the actual airflow. When the glycol thermal mass reaches a set temperature, the compressor stops or cycles off but continues to provide clean and dry compressed air, unlike direct expansion dryers which run continuously. The cold energy is stored in the glycol thermal mass, maintaining the dew point at the desired temperature. When the temperature of the thermal mass starts to rise, the refrigerant compressor cycles on.

In Stock

Manufacturer Stock

Part Number Price Available
TMC 0075 N
$4,440.00 6 in stock
TMC 0105 N
$5,690.00 6 in stock
TMC 0030 N
$2,810.00 5 in stock
TMC 0055 N
$3,320.00 4 in stock
TMC 0200 N
$10,120.00 3 in stock
TMC 0265 N
$11,870.00 3 in stock
TMC 0400 N
$15,430.00 3 in stock
TMC 0510 N
$17,950.00 3 in stock
TMC 0130 N
$6,210.00 1 in stock
TMC 0170 N
$8,120.00 1 in stock

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