VMAC H40, 40 CFM Hydraulic Air Compressor, 24V, Above Deck 25-40 CFM* @ 100 psi (150 psi max) | H400003

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VMAC H40, 40 CFM Hydraulic Air Compressor, 24V, Above Deck 25-40 CFM* @ 100 psi (150 psi max) | H400003

OVERVIEW The 40 CFM VMAC Hydraulic air compressor is the best choice for customers who require hydraulic-powered compressed air and want better performance than what they are getting out of their current reciprocating air compressor. The powerful rotary screw air compressor is ideal for operating small to medium sized air tools. The compact design allows it to fit on trucks and specialty equipment with limited available space.

Applications – Common jobs that use the compressor system: Mobile heavy duty mechanics Mobile tire service technicians 24/7 roadside repair technicians Light to medium duty lube trucks

Commonly used tools:

  • 3/4” impact wrenches
  • Light chipping hammers
  • Die grinders
  • Tire inflation

VMAC Hydraulic H40 – Bid Specifications These specifications are for bid purposes only and are provided by VMAC.

All specifications are subject to change without notice. The air compressor will come as a complete kit with all components/functions described within. The rest of the hydraulic system is to be designed and completed by the installer. VMAC will provide specifications for the compressor’s hydraulic needs but is not responsible for other hydraulic components.

Air Compressor:
Air End: The air compressor must be 100% duty cycle and provide 40 CFM at 100 psi. A high temperature cut off sensor must be integrated on the compressor unit. The compressor must be equipped with a low profile integrated air inlet control valve and dry type paper air filter. The compressor is to be direct driven from the hydraulic motor without the use of a belt. Warranty: The Compressor Air End will include a manufacturer lifetime warranty.

Air/Oil Separator
Tank The tank is an air/oil separator. Material must be of high-grade aluminum material and contain an integrated coalescing oil separator element. It must have a lubricant sight glass no smaller than 1 1/2” in diameter. Must contain a 200 PSI high pressure relief valve. It must have a replaceable spin on 25-micron oil filter with safety bypass feature. It must contain an 8 seconds or less integral pneumatically piloted blow down valve. The tank dimension must be no larger than 6” diameter X 31” length and the weight must be no greater than 18 lbs.

Heat Exchanger
Must be the air-to-liquid type with a 16“ 12 or 24 volt electric fan. The fan will cycle on/off to meet cooling demands of the compressor and hydraulic system. The exchanger core is dual core to cool compressor and hydraulic oil. The cooler will have a 65 PSI bypass check valve.

Digital Control System:
A 12 volt digital control box with LCD display will be included that will show system hours, service reminders and safety/functional messages. Adjustable settings within the control system will include delay to stand-by, restart pressure, and system pressure. Compressor and hydraulic over-temperature shutdown, too-cold to start, failed temperature probe, fan control, high idle activation and error messages will all be controlled by the control system. The controller will also provide for soft-start, unload and stand-by functions.

The overall package size must be no greater than 16.25” x 24” x 18”. Total wet weight must not exceed 150lbs. The sheet metal enclosure is to be 12 gauge for the base material and 16 gauge for the sides and top cover. All sheet metal is to be powder coated.

Safety Features:
The system must include a compressor and hydraulic thermal protection, too-cold to start, failed temperature probe circuits, automatic rapid blow-down valve on the tank, 200 PSI pressure relief valve.

The compressor will be powered by an external hydraulic power source that meets the manufacturer’s recommendations for hydraulic oil flow and pressure. This source may be via a PTO driven hydraulic pump, clutch pump or other suitable source. Installation of air compressor must be completed only by the factory authorized distributor of the air compressor manufacturer.



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