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  • 11.7 to 63.6 CFM capacities
  • -20°C to -40°C pressure dew point
  • 1.5 to 3.6 PSI pressure drop (excluding filters)
  • DC 1 controller standard
  • Solid desiccant
  • Integrated UD+ pre-filter


The Atlas Copco CD+ with Cerades Heatless Desiccant Air Dryer is the first dryer to use a solid desiccant that is developed and patented by Atlas Copco. Compressed air is channeled straight through the solid desiccant, as opposed to pushing its way through loose desiccant beads. As a result, the CD+ with Cerades lowers energy costs, minimizes pressure drop, better air quality, longer service intervals, and increases environmental and health protection.

Cerades is a drying technology that uses structured desiccant. Instead of many small beads, Cerades consists of solid, ceramic blocks that dry the compressed air as it flows through straight, structured tubes. The airflow meets very little resistance, making this process more energy efficient. Unlike the tiny beads in a traditional adsorption dryer, structured, solid desiccant lasts a long time. Decaying desiccant beads can negatively impact the dew point and the performance of the dryer and produce fine dust that has to be filtered out to maintain a high air quality. This dust can also compromise the environment and the health of dryer operators. Structured desiccant does not have this problem and delivers its users ISO 8573-1:2010 Class 2 air purity for particles without any extra filtration.