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  • Durable carbon steel construction
  • Electronic level sensors which can be adjusted for sensitivity
  • Bracket supports the system on a frame or wall
  • Pneumatic ball valves in stainless steel, 24 VDC, operated by compressed air: ranges from 80-115 PSIG (6 barg)
  • Removable bottom section for easy maintenance
  • Electrical controls are UL 508A listed (EN 60204-1)


DSP Series: Automatic Pneumatic Drain System

Solberg’s DSP Series automatic drain systems for knockout pots are commonly installed with liquid separators, vacuum receiver tanks, vacuum jacketed vessels, and vapor condensing vacuum vessels. 

Our automatic drain systems protect your vacuum pump by allowing collected liquids and slurries to be removed without disrupting your process. We design our systems to minimize vacuum level fluctuations during the drain sequence using valves and compressed air to pneumatically evacuate liquids or slurries captured by the knockout pot or vacuum vessel. 

Solberg’s DSP Series: 

  • Automates critical maintenance processes
  • Lessens the requirement for maintenance personnel to service your equipment 
  • Eliminates transfer pump problems by using compressed air for purging liquids
  • Reduces re-entrainment with a separate liquid holding tank
  • Minimizes vacuum level fluctuations with integrated vacuum equalization technology