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Our experts are highly rated and specialize in a variety of compressed air applications; industrial, food & beverage, medical, lab, and remediation.

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  • 25 LB pail
  • 45-63°F dewpoint suppression
  • ≤100°F operating temperature
  • 13% equilibrium relative humidity
  • Prevents air and gas line freeze-ups


Van Air Systems Gas Dry Max Deliquescent Desiccant is a dense hygroscopic tablet that absorbs water vapor designed for the dehydration of natural gas. It features a higher moisture-absorbing capacity per pound than other Van Air Systems' deliquescent desiccant offerings while still achieving a very low moisture content. Gas Dry Max tablet works by slowly dissolving and forming a brine solution that drops from the surface, continuously deliquescing until the desiccant is fully consumed.


  • Meets Pipeline Gas Moisture Specifications
  • Fuel Gas & Biogas Dehydration
  • Instrument Gas Dehydration
  • Remote Outdoor Locations Without Electricity