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Senior Applications Specialist - 2 years at Compressor World

Our experts are highly rated and specialize in a variety of compressed air applications; industrial, food & beverage, medical, lab, and remediation.

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  • 250 CFM
  • 0 to -50ºF air dew point
  • Oil removal to 99.9% at 0.3 to 0.6 microns
  • Particle Removal to 99.9% at 1 micron
  • 3-way electric ball valves
  • Low watt density heater
  • Industrial duty blower
  • Logic Pro controller


The Engineered Air Products HS-250, 250 CFM Heat Reactivated Desiccant Air Dryer is an air-drying system that costs less to operate than a refrigerated air dryer, while providing high quality air commonly associated with desiccant drying technology. The HS Series features mounted pre and after-filters, filter drains, premium electronic switching valve, tuned regeneration system, industrial duty blower, low watt density heater, heater over-temperature protection, and a purge exhaust muffler. With a built-in Purge Saver exhaust temperature monitoring system, the HS Series only regenerates the exact amount needed to provide a dry bed for process efforts. 

All HS Series dryers are equipped with Allen Bradley Digital Programmable Controls. The four line touch screen display provides instant feedback of current operating status, system temperatures and programmed regeneration intervals. Interactive menus provide user feedback allowing the operator to review regeneration cycle durations, step cycles for testing, apply a manual on the spot regeneration and much more.

The Turbo HS is provided with two independent temperature controls to optimize regeneration cycles. The system identifies any deviances from a normal regeneration and will provide text and a flashing alarm status in the event of a system upset. All HS Series dryers have heater protection which will shut down the system and notify the operator of a system in need of attention.