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Senior Applications Specialist - 2 years at Compressor World

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  • <1 PSI pressure drop
  • 150 PSI max input pressure
  • 10 SCFM max flow capacity
  • -45°F dew point
  • 125°F max temperature
  • Die-cast Zinc body
  • Polycarbonate bowl
  • Steel bowl guard
  • 1/4" NPT


The Coilhose Pneumatics 8422, 10 SCFM Desiccant Air Dryer removes the smallest traces of moisture from compressed air systems. Moisture absorbent desiccant beads remove moisture through the use of chemical reactions. The desiccant beads change color from blue to pink when saturated. The use of filter units with the air dryer is recommended. These units are especially effective for protecting laboratory instrumentation as well as spray painting/airlines that are exposed to freezing conditions.

Polycarbonate bowls are not compatible with certain chemicals. Please reference the Non-Compatible Chemical List in the documents tab for a listing of known chemicals that should not be in contact with the polycarbonate bowls.