• 200 SCFM capacity
  • Connection: 1 1/4" NPT
  • 150 PSIG max pressure rating
  • 120/1/60 voltage
  • .01 micron required pre-filtration grade SX
  • 1 micron required post-filtration grade FX
  • -40°F standard outlet pressure dew point
  • 40 to 120°F inlet air temperature range
  • cULus listed controller with NEMA 4 indoor rating
  • ASME / CRN coded vessels


The BEKO Technologies DRYPOINT XCp 200 Heatless Desiccant Air Dryer applies galvanized piping and stainless steel angle seat valves to increase the length of service intervals. A BEKOTOUCH controller provides a full color, touchscreen display with data trends, high humidity alarm, and spare parts list. The unit is built on an open frame with front mounted components for ease of operation and maintenance. 

After passing through a coalescing-type pre-filter, warm water-saturated air enters the dryer through an open inlet valve and flows upward through the tower, where desiccant extracts and retains water vapor, lowering the dew point. Dried air exits the top of the tower and passes through a check valve and particulate post-filter before flowing to the air distribution system. A small amount of dry purge air is diverted from the outlet flow of the drying tower; this purge air is regulated by an adjustable bi-directional needle valve and flows into the offline (de-pressurized) regenerating tower. As the purge air expands to near atmospheric pressure, the dew point is further lowered. The extremely dry purge air flows downward through the regenerating tower, extracting water from the desiccant. Purge air exits the bottom of the regenerating tower and flows through an open purge exhaust valve and vents to the atmosphere through a muffler.  After period of time the air flow path through the dryer will reverse, the fully regenerated tower becomes the drying tower and the former drying tower (now water-laden) is regenerated.