• 130 SCFM inlet flow rates available
  • 150 PSI max inlet pressure
  • 120°F max inlet temperature
  • Factory installed filters
    • Differential pressure gauges
    • Pre-filter timer drain
  • -40° F/C standard outlet dew point
  • 120/1/60 voltage
  • OSHA approved mufflers
  • Desiccant fill and drain ports
  • ASME safety relief valves
  • ISO 8573.1 Class 2


The Altec AIR HRE Series Dual Tower Heated Regenerative Desiccant Air Dryer applies heat to compressed air by way of a low watt density heater. A regulated amount of the dried process air is them moved down through the desiccant bed (counter current). This heated purge air is then exhausted to atmosphere, removing the water vapor that is in the desiccant that was attached during the previous cycle.