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  • 232 PSI maximum working pressure
  • 2.18 PSI pressure drop
  • Dew point as low as 3°C/37.4°F
  • 3/4" NPT compressed air connections
  • Refrigerant compliant with F-Gas regulations
  • Integrated refrigerant, liquid, and water separators
  • Single electrical connection for plug-and-play installation
  • Digital display for precise monitoring of pressure dew point


The Atlas Copco FX14N Refrigerated Air Dryer uses a digital display to measure and visually monitor pressure dew point, communicate the status of the refrigerant compressor and fan, provide alarms for high/low-pressure dew point and probe failure, and service warning. A hot gas bypass ensures a stable pressure dew point and eliminates the possibility of condensate freezing. The refrigerant separator guarantees no moisture enters the compressed air system. Limited vibrations, minimal moving parts, and reduced risk of leakage contribute to increased reliability. 

The FX dryer comes with refrigerant that is compliant with F-Gas regulations to ensure the lowest possible carbon footprint and energy consumption.