• 460/3/60 voltage
  • Condenser panel filter
  • Dynamic thermal mass cycling operation
  • Corrugated folded stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Microprocessor control with digital display
  • ISO Class 4 quality air with 38°F dew point
  • NEMA 1 protection class


The Ingersoll Rand NVC500A400, 500 SCFM Nirvana Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer utilizes centrifugal separation to remove moisture from the chilled air. Separation occurs at the coldest point in the system and then expands into an area of low velocity containing a sump, and change of air flow direction. This results in a highly-efficient moisture removal process while providing dry and clean air under all operating conditions.

The patented heat exchanger design provides high heat transfer with low pressure drop due to the short flow length. The Nirvana heat exchanger presents a flow area three to five times that of an equivalent copper tubing exchanger. The dryer is also self-cleaning, which greatly reduces the potential for fouling and reduces maintenance.