• Capacity:
    • 212 ft3/h inlet air
    • 127 ft3/h outlet gas
  • 1/2" PTC connection
  • 174 PSIG design pressure
  • 100-240/60 voltage
  • -94°F pdp maximum


The nano-purification solutions NDC 600-F Lab Gas CO2 Removal Air Dryer generates an in-house supply of purge gas when connected to an existing compressed air system, cleaning and drying the air while removing CO2. The constant supply of high air purity eliminates interruption of analyses to change cylinders, and reduces instrument recalibration and safety concerns associated with high pressure oxygen and nitrogen cylinders. Developed for laboratories, the unit requires no bench space, can be wall mounted and ensures quiet operation via a novel exhaust silencer. 

The dryer uses pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology, featuring automatic regeneration and advanced purification cartridges with snowstorm filled adsorbent, containing integrated 1.0 micron post filtration with an additional Nano F1 high efficiency pre-filter, rated for 0.01 micron and 0.01ppm oil carryover.