• 46°C maximum inlet conditions at full flow (ambient/inlet)
  • 1.6 PSI pressure drop at full flow, depending on selection
  • 1.04kW power consumption
  • 210 PSI maximum working pressure
  • Includes VSD inverter
  • Integrated water separator
  • Electronic no-loss condensate drain
  • Elektronikon Touch controller
  • Single electrical connection for plug-and-play installation


The Atlas Copco FD 140 VSD Refrigerated Air Dryer uses in-house developed VSD technology to match the dryer's power consumption with the production's actual airflow. Where traditional refrigerated dryers can only be turned on or off, the FD VSD mirrors a production's demand for compressed air as it fluctuates during the day, week, or year, providing greater energy savings and a stable dew point.

The FD 140 VSD uses the CFC-free R410A refrigerant, which has an ozone depletion potential (ODP) of zero. The refrigerant meets F-Gas regulations and, due to lower consumption, has an improved TEWI (Total Equivalent Warming Impact) performance.

A hot gas bypass valve prevents freezing at lower loads. Capillary tubes cope with all conditions with no moving parts for enhanced reliability. A condenser with louvered fin technology provides improved performance in dusty environments. An Elektronikon Alpha controller displays the pressure dew point and relative humidity. Standard SMARTLINK remote monitoring maximizes air system performance and energy savings.

A forklift opening at the base provides for transportation, and the unit includes front and side panel access. No thermal mass heat exchanger is needed. If production requires higher levels of air quality and filtration, UD+ filters can be added to the dryer.