• 1,700 SCFM capacity
  • 4" NPT inlet/outlet connection
  • PLC controlled operation
  • Low noise exhaust muffler
  • Low watt density heater
  • Secondary heater contactor
  • ASME coded pressure vessels
  • UL/cUL compliant
  • Activated alumina desiccant
  • Lifting lugs and/or forklift pockets


The nano-purification solutions EHA 1700, 1700 SCFM Externally Heated Desiccant Air Dryer uses heat to reduce the use of costly purge air. The dryer is operated by a PLC control system that includes power on functions, hours run, and service required indicators. Memory retention built into the PLC enables the controller to pick up where it left off in the drying cycle, ensuring consistently clean and dry air downstream. Compressor synchronization is a standard energy saving feature that starts and stops the dryer with a signal from the compressor or point-of-use equipment to eliminate purge loss when drying is not required. 

In a twin tower desiccant air dryer, one tower is on-line drying the compressed air while the other is off-line eliminating the water vapor it has collected so it can be used to dry again. The two towers switch back and forth so one is always drying while the other is regenerating or in standby.

The D5 EHA also uses stainless steel spring check valves, with metal on metal seats for reliable operation. A precision purge control valve uses visual setting indication so the purge flow is field adjustable. The operator can adjust the purge flow to match the operating conditions for optimal energy savings.