• 150 SCFM
  • 150 PSI max inlet pressure
  • 100°F (38°C) max inlet temperature
  • Pre-filled with desiccant cartridge
  • Includes pressure gauge, safety valve, ball valve, and ED-2 replacement cartridge


The Super-Dry 280-120, 150 SCFM Desiccant Air Dryer with Replacement Cartridge is a single tower unit designed for point-of-use and intermittent flow applications. The wet compressed air enters at the inlet is separated due to the off-set inlet creating centrifugal separation to trap water droplets, then passes around a polypropylene coalescer element, felt pads, and stainless-steel grids to remove solid particulates. The air flows upward through a sewed filtration desiccant bag that acts as a sponge to absorb moisture. The air then flows through the second stage of filtration to eliminate any desiccant dust.