• 125 CFM capacity
  • 180°F inlet temperature
  • 232 PSI maximum pressure
  • 115/1/60
  • 3/4" NPT
  • R404A EPA/SNAP compliant refrigerant


The Quincy Compressor QRHT 125, 125 CFM, High Temperature Refrigerated Air Dryer integrates five different components that perform separate functions. An air-cooled aftercooler, refrigerated dryer, moisture separator, Zero Loss drain, and coalescing filter work together to remove water, oil, and dirt from air to produce clean, dry, and filtered compressed air. The QRHT series prevents damage to pneumatic tools, leads to fewer finished product defects, prevents "Fisheye" paint splotches, and eliminates air line purging. The air dryer is designed for reciprocating compressors and base mount rotary compressors without an after cooler.