• 354 CFM capacity
  • 203 PSI max pressure rating
  • 460/3/60
  • 2" NPT
  • Low pressure drop
  • Cold air module
  • Five-step centrifugal separation
  • EPA/SNAP compliant refrigerant


The Quincy Compressor QPNC 354, 354 CFM, Non-Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer uses a two-stage heat exchanger system to maintain consistent dew points. The system reduces the temperature of the compressed air to approximately +39°F forcing entrained moisture to condense. The mixture of condensed liquids and cold air then flow into the cold point moisture separator where the liquids are collected and removed by a Zero Loss condensate drain. The Zero Loss drain ensures maximum moisture removal while saving energy. Once liquids have been removed, the cold dry compressed air returns through the cold side of the first stage heat exchanger where it is reheated by the warm incoming air. Pipe sweating is avoided and air volume is increased by reheating. The compressed air is now considered treated and ready for delivery to downstream products. 

The QPNC Series delivers consistent performance when handling smaller, constant loads. The air dryer features refrigerant system flow, run and alarm indicator lights, analyzer gauge, stop and start switch with lock out, low pressure drop, integrated moisture separator, and five-step centrifugal separation.