• 635 CFM capacity
  • -40°F pressure dewpoint
  • 160 PSIG max pressure
  • 115/1/60
  • NEMA 4 control panel
  • ASME approved
  • CSA/UL


The Quincy Compressor QHD-635, 635 SCFM, Heatless Desiccant Air Dryer has a twin tower design which removes moisture from compressed air by adsorption. The QHD Series is completely wired and equipped with all interconnecting pipe work. The dryer features ASME approved vessels, stainless steel butterfly valves with actuators, advanced control and monitoring system, dewpoint dependent switching, dewpoint alarm, and hygrometer for dewpoint monitoring.

The QHD-635 comes with a standard filter package that includes two prefilters and an afterfilter to increase the quality of air going into the system. The prefilters prevent oil contamination to increase desiccant lifetime and include both a QCF polishing coalescer filter and a QMF standard/particulate coalescer filter. The afterfilter is a QPF particulate filter that protects the airnet from desiccant dust and network contamination.