• 110 CFM capacity
  • -40°F dew point
  • 16% average purge
  • 203 PSI max pressure
  • Q-Control touch controller
  • 7-Year ceramic block desiccant life
  • Inlet filters included (outlet not required)
  • PDP demand included standard
  • NEMA4 controller protection


The Quincy Compressor QCMD-110, 110 CFM, Heatless Desiccant Air Dryer is an efficient, modular dryer with a dew point of -40°F. The QCMD Series dryer incorporates innovative Solides ceramic desiccant technology, which enhances efficiency and extends the average desiccant lifespan to 7 years. In addition to its efficiency, the QCMD dryer has a rugged construction, making it highly durable. It comes equipped with various standard features, including the Q-Control Touch controller that provides easy access to different parameters and service alerts. The QCMD Series dryer also includes Dew Point Demand, enhancing efficiency and promoting energy savings.