• 1000 SCFM capacity
  • 2.9 to 5.0 pressure drop depending on capacity
  • Voltage
    • 460/3/60
  • No air loss demand drain
  • R-134a


The Deltech FLEX Series cycling refrigerated air dryer is designed with 4-in-1 heat exchangers and a phase change material (PCM) encapsulated between the refrigeration and compressed air circuits, serving as a highly effective resevoir for thermal storage. The PCM possesses high latent heat properties which enables it to melt or freeze at a constant temperature. The phase change material will absorb heat from warm, moisture laden compressed air without a significant rise in temperature. The phase change material stays colder for longer periods of time, cycling the refrigerant compressor less often than conventional energy saving designs. 

The Deltech FLEX Series dryer automatically cycles the refrigeration compressor in response to inlet load conditions. As the inlet air load is reduced, the power requirement to dry the air is matched in proportion to demand. The dryer features smooth, non-fouling stainless steel surfaces that promote low resistance to flow, condensate drain lines that terminate at discharge connections conveniently located on the side of dryer, and a failure to discharge alarm on the operator interface to enhance system reliability. The high efficiency, up-flow aluminum air cooled condensor pulls ambient air through the condensor and released it out of the top of the dryer, providing cooler condensing air and efficiency. The FLEX Series dryer also comes with a moisture separator and controller with LCD display to provide ease of monitoring and operating status.

The FLEX Series dryer offers an optional filtration package for pre-filtration and after-filtration. The pre-filtration removes solid and oil contaminants from the air stream before entering the dryer and is ISO 8573-1 rated at Class 2 for solids, Class 4 for remaining oil, can remove solids 1.0 micron and larger, resulting in a remaining oil content of 2.0 mg/m3. The after-filtration provides high efficiency oil removal, protecting downstream equipment, and is ISO 8573-1 rated at Class 1 for solids, Class 1 for remaining oil, and can remove 99.999+% of solids larger than 0.01 micron, resulting in a remaining oil content of less than 0.01 mg/m3.