• Base mounted
  • 30 HP
  • 134 CFM capacity
  • 100 PSI pressure rating
  • iCommand basic electronic controller
  • eCool technology with washable cabinet pre-filter
  • Laminated oil-proof sound insulation
  • Premium efficiency TEFC motor
  • NEMA-1 electric panel
  • Full voltage motor starter
  • 460/3/60


The FS-Curtis NxB22 30 HP, 100 PSI, 460V Rotary Screw Air Compressor is designed to have stable air pressure, steady airflow, and quiet operation in continuous duty applications. The Nx Series offers better air quality with less oil carryover than reciprocating models and the intuitive controls and diagnostics make them easy to use and service. Delivering more airflow and efficiency in a space-saving design makes the Nx Series ideal for automotive, light industrial, and other applications that require reliable performance in demanding conditions. 

The Nx Series has a premium efficiency TEFC (IP55 Class F) motor to protect the compressor from harsh environments. Designed for quiet operation, the extra thick sound insulation reduces noise while the integration of the centrifugal blower and drive motor makes for smooth and quiet operation. The Nx Series features a leak-free design with heavy-duty piping hoses and O-ring seals, a powder-coat painted enclosure, a built-in heavy-duty air intake filter, vibration isolators, and a multi-function oil valve. The spin-on air and oil separator allows for quick maintenance and results in 1 to 3 PPM oil carryover. eCool technology protects critical components from compressor-generated heat with a compartmentalized airflow design and standard aftercooler.