• 15 HP
  • 56.8 CFM capacity
  • 4 to 37 kW power
  • 125 PSI pressure rating
  • 113°F max temperature
  • Tank Mount
  • Air Dryer


The FirstAir FAS 15 HP total air system rotary screw air compressor is designed for continuous use in heavy duty industrial applications. The FAS Series is air cooled and equipped with driving motors classified in the IE3 energy efficiency class. The integrated oil separator in the oil tank is equipped with all necessary connections and safety installations to ensure high operational safety. A high performance suction filter utilizes two stage filtration, first by centrifugal forces and second by a high efficiency filter element. 

Tank mounted 52 gallon air receiver tank, condensate drain and a refrigerated air dryer also include a pre-filter, post-filter.