• 20 HP
  • 68 CFM
  • 125 PSI nominal pressure (129 PSI max)
  • 100% rated duty cycle
  • Wye delta starter
  • TEFC NEMA premium efficiency motor
  • Impact and deceleration process oil separation


The ELGi EN15-125-120T-G2A 20 HP Tank Mounted Rotary Screw Air Compressor is designed to provide low carbon footprint along with high reliability and low maintenance requirements. The air filtration system keeps the compressor's internal components clean, maintaining optimum cooling efficiency and low oil-fill, resulting in a longer life span of the machine.

The EN Series features the Neuron XT controller which provides malfunction alarms, safety shutdowns, and easy-to-use service indications while allowing the user to monitor and control the machine's performance.

The EN Series air-oil separation utilizes the impact and deceleration process. The impact of the air-oil mixture in the circumferential tank area prompts deceleration action to remove the oil particles from the air. The air with minor traces of oil then enters the separator for further purification.