• 15 HP model
  • TEFC (IP 54) standard motors with Class F insulation
  • SKK Series AirEnd
  • Capacity:
    • Fixed speed: 66 at 125psi
  • Modulating inlet valve
  • Load/unload controls
  • Axial cooling fans
  • Digital control panel
  • Stainless steel piping and tubing


The Kaishan KRSD 15 HP rotary screw air compressor features direct drive, providing a highly reliable flow of compressed air and offering maximum air output while also reducing energy usage.

The SKK series airend with an asymmetric 5 / 6 rotor profile and precision ground rotor machining allows for tighter clearances and improved performance. High-efficiency air intake filters offer excellent dust capture without impeding airflow, creating a more efficient system. The compressors also feature 316 stainless steel control tubing, a premium material with a longer life than nylon or copper, sophisticated controls with built-in alarms, and standard sound-deadening enclosures for quiet operation.