• 15 HP
  • 72.3 ACFM capacity
  • 125 psig pressure rating
  • Voltage
    • 230/3/60 V
    • 460/3/60 V
  • Three phase
  • NEMA Class 1 TEFC motor
  • Danfoss variable speed drive


The Quincy QGDV-15-TMD is a high performance rotary screw compressor that can be used in a wide range of applications. The Quincy Compressor QGDV series rotary screw air compressors come in 15HP compressor is best for medium-sized industrial applications with fluctuating compressed air demands. They are 50% more energy efficient than fixed speed drives with an extensive flow range of 24 to 100%. The QGDV series removes peak current penalty during startup, minimizes system leakage and eliminates wasted idling times during operation. The compressors come standard with a Danfoss variable speed drive with cubicle vent fan, NEMA premium TEFC motor, package air pre-filtration, phase monitor, and high-efficiency airend for optimum performance. 

The Airlogic2 microprocessor controller delivers information for easy monitoring and intuitive control with an intelligent unload cycle to optimize energy use for maximum efficiency. The controller features automatic restart after power failure, dual pressure set point, the ability to program up to four different week-schedules for a 10-week period, graphic service plan indication, and the ability to network up to 6 units. Online visualization capability is standard and allow monitoring of QGDV series compressors from anywhere with internet access. 

The Quincy Compressor QGDV series are designed with serviceability in mind. The compressors have boltless hinged doors in front and back, fast panel access to consumables via a single panel, large roof service access, and spin-on filters for 15 to 30 HP models.