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  • Dual-stage filtration
  • 10 PPM oil outlet rating
  • 25 to 5300 CFM capacity
  • 4,000 hour service intervals
  • Quick filter replacement indicator
  • Environmentally friendly activated carbon or organoclay purifier


The Pneumatech OWS oil and water separator uses a dual-stage treatment process, resulting in much cleaner wastewater that complies with the toughest environmental standards. The OWS series covers both unstable emulsions, such as those containing mineral oil, and stable emulsions with synthetic oil for a very effective oil separation solution.

Depending on the requirement, users have a choice of two cartridges: activated carbon and organoclay. Activated carbon filters remove whatever oil remains in the condensate after the first stage. Organoclay filtration can be used in case of stronger emulsions. The filters can be easily exchanged as required, allowing seamless, quick, and worry-free servicing of the oil-water separator. A maintenance-friendly design and an exceptionally long service interval of 4,000 hours minimizes downtime.

In the first stage of the dual-stage filtration system, the condensate flows through a polypropylene filter that separates out the oil in two steps: first as the condensate passes through it, and second when it fills in the chamber below, which traps the oil that rises to the top. In the second stage, the condensate flows through another chamber where either activated carbon or organoclay filters out any remaining oil particles in the condensate. What remains at the outlet is condensate with less than 10 ppm of oil, and the presence of oil can be as low as 5 ppm depending on the set-up.

A green indicator signals that the polypropylene filter is saturated and needs to be changed. A red indicator signals that the emulsion is flowing too quickly through the media, which requires the inlet to be regulated to reduce the emulsion entering the OWS. A test outlet allows for verification of filtration performance.

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