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  • Tank mount
  • Pancake, horizontal, and vertical orientation
  • 8 to 120gal ASME tank
  • 1 to 15 HP
  • 5 to 60 CFM displacement
  • 120 PSI pressure rating
  • Voltage options:
    • 115/1/60
    • 115/230/1/60
    • 230/1/60
    • 208-230/460/3/60


The Schulz Compressors Oilless Piston Air Compressor is a low noise level unit with internal and external anticorrosive painting, plus an internal antibacterial painting, ensuring the biosafety quality of stored air. The compressor pump is entirely oil less, direct driven, and the compressor fulfills the highest global ISO standards. The unit features an exhaust fan to remove heat generated by the compressor, as well as a light indicator to show when the equipment is on.