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  • 250 CFM capacity
  • 1 1/4" NPT piping connection
  • 250 PSIG pressure rating
  • Air-cooled
  • 12 VDC motor
  • Separator and coalescing filter include manual drain
  • Handle for lifting
  • Large steel mounting base


The Van Air Systems Cool Pak Aftercooler and Moisture Separator consists of an air-cooled aftercooler with a 12 VDC motor, 25 micron after filter and bulk moisture separator with a manual drain, packaged on a steel constructed stand with a rock guard and protective cord wrap for ease of portability. The Cool Pak reduces the harmful effects of liquid contaminants and is designed for use with portable 250 CFM compressors. The base on the Cool Pak is large enough to be mounted on the tongue of a compressor or caster wheels. 

Moisture is a normal result of air compression. The air compressor draws in and concentrates atmospheric humidity. When air leaves the compressor and cools down, water vapor condenses to liquid. A 250 CFM diesel compressor operating on a warm humid day can produce more than 10 gallons of liquid water per eight hours of operation. This liquid damages air tools, contaminates blast pots and spills paint finishes. The Cool Pak removes a substantial portion of entrained water by lowering compressed air temperature and separating out the condensation.

Note: The Cool Pak is not a dryer. It substantially reduces the presence of free liquids but does not deliver a dew point suppression. For critical abrasive blasting and painting applications where liquid cannot be tolerated, a dew point suppressing dryer must be used.