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  • 110 PSIG pressure rated
  • 24V electrical
  • 2-stage dry type air intake
  • SAE C 4-bolt flange
  • 8 gallon fluid capacity
  • 16 gauge steel powdered coated enclosure


The BOSS Industries Infinity 375 hydraulic rotary screw air compressor is a air/drill module unit that is fully self-contained and compact. The design allows the ability to choose any CFM output from 250 to 375 CFM. By adjusting hydraulic flow to the compressor, the system can produce up to 375cfm at 110psig continuously.

The Infinity 375 features an integrated compressor oil cooling package with automatic thermal sensing control to ensure proper operating temperatures, a replaceable spin-on compressor lubricant filter (25 micron rating) with safety bypass, and a two-stage, dry-type air intake filter with replaceable element and gravity evacuator. The Infinity 375 also includes an hour meter, compressor lubricant temperature gauge, and air pressure gauge for monitoring the system while in use. It also includes an integrated receiver tank with filler port and drain hose with JIC plug.

Delivery at 110 PSIG (CFM) 250 275 300 325 350 375
100 PSI Input Speed to Compressor (RPM) 1525 1700 1850 2000 2150 2300
HP Required 54 60 65 72 78 85
150 PSI Input Speed to Compressor (RPM) 1560 1711 1861 2012 2163 N/A
HP Required 71.2 77.8 84.4 91 97.6 N/A
200 PSI Input Speed to Compressor (RPM) 1606 1750 1920 N/A N/A N/A
HP Required 85 92 101 N/A N/A N/A