• 10 HP
  • 23 ACFM capacity at 175 PSIG
  • 30 gallon horizontal tank
  • 175 PSI pressure rating
  • Cast iron construction
  • 200 PSIG rated ASME/CRN-coded receiver
  • ASME-coded relief valves


The Quincy Compressor QP Series diesel driven two stage piston air compressor has a fully pressure-lubricated system that is ideal for service truck applications. The QP Series comes with a sight level oil gauge, automotive style inlet filter/silencer, mag starter, and motor overload protection. A high-efficiency fin and tube intercooler reduces inter-stage air temperature for maximum performance and increased valve life. The electronically balanced fan-type cast iron flywheel delivers a powerful flow of air across the intercooler, cylinder, and heads for effective unit cooling and smooth operation. The QP Series has an oil pump for pressure lubrication to the crankshaft, bearings, and connecting rod up to the wrist pins which allows smooth continuous operation.