• 38 gallons per hour at 230 PSI max drainage capacity
  • 0 to 230 PSI pressure range
  • 2/2 way, direct acting valve type
  • Two 1/2″ NPT inlet connections
  • 1/8″ with hose pipe connector outlet connection
  • Optional testing feature available
  • Built in air lock prevention
  • FPM valve seals
  • Aluminum construction with EP coating
  • NEMA6 (IP68) protection


The JORC Industrial MAG-11 Series Drain is designed for use with coolers, refrigerated dryers, liquid separators, and piston compressors. The MAG-11 uses a magnetically operated 2/2-way direct acting valve assembly, discharging the condensate from your compressed air system without losing any compressed air. The MAG-11 is also available with a test feature. The test button offers the solution to check your MAG-11 ensuring nothing is obstructing the orifice. It also allows you to depressurize the drain for maintenance.

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