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  • 5 to 15 HP
  • 15.2 to 102 ACFM capacity at 175 PSIG
  • 60, 80, or 120 gallon tank options
  • 104°F max operating temperature
  • 175 PSIG max pressure
  • Pro package:
    • Mag starter
    • Motor overload protection
    • Cast iron construction
  • Max package:
    • All Pro features
    • Air cooled aftercooler
    • Low oil level switch
    • Pneumatic/automatic tank drain


The Quincy Compressor QT Series two stage piston air compressor is available in simplex or duplex configurations with a vertical or horizontal tank depending on the model selected. The heavy duty cast-iron construction makes the compressor ideal for tough working conditions. The QT Series features stainless steel reed valves with valve bumpers, industrial ball bearings, two-piece aluminum connecting rods, fin and tube intercooler, automotive style inlet filter/silencer, and a ductile iron, double throw crankshaft. The aluminum head dissipates heat to ensure the compressor is running as cool as possible while the valve design provides high volumetric efficiency. 5 to 10 HP models have an automatic start/stop, while 15 HP models have a dual controller. All QT Series compressor models come with an ODP motor, motor overload protection, and a ball valve tank drain. 


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