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  • 0.1 PPM prefilter
  • 8 to 365 SCFM capacity
  • Class 1.2.1 standard
    • -40°F PDP at 100 PSI
  • Class 1.1.1 capable
    • -100°F PDP at 100 PSI
  • 58 PSI min pressure
  • 232 PSI max pressure
  • 122°F max inlet temperature
  • 12,000 hour service interval
  • ISO 8573 compliant


The Quincy Compressor QMOD Series heatless desiccant air dryer purifies compressed air by filtering impurities and adsorbing water vapor from a compressed air stream. The dryer features a polishing prefilter with dual timer, electric drain, quick change desiccant cartridges with integral afterfilter, and diagnostic control center. An electrophoretic coating protects the manifold and filter. The compressed air can then be delivered to the distribution system or point of use as a clean, dry utility. 

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