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  • 1/2" to 1" condensate feed connection
  • 0.7 to 5.3gal cartridge capacity
  • 8.08 to 60.4gal tank size
  • 6 to 41.9gal filling capacity
  • 41 to 140°F ambient temperature range
  • 140°F maximum condensate temperature
  • 232 PSIG pressure rating


The BEKO Technologies OWAMAT Oil and Water Separator works with condensate mixtures only and includes a user-removable and replaceable lightweight cartridge with integrated handles. The cartridge can be disposed of normally and is safe for sanitary landfills, due to the oil being securely trapped in the adsorption material and sealed. Multiple units can be used together and can accommodate total flow rates of over 7,000 SCFM with a flow-splitter device.

Oil contaminated condensate flows into the pressure relief chamber, where the pressure is reduced without causing turbulence. Entrained coarse dirt particles are retained in a removeable receiver. In the separation tank, the oil settles on the surface of the effluent as a result of gravity separation and is fed into the spill proof oil receiver. The condensate then flows through the oleophilic pre-filter, which has a large active filtering space. With flow from inside to outside, it binds to and absorbs the oil in the filter chamber. At the core is the OEKOSORB primary filter cartridge, where residual oils are retained. The remaining water may be directly introduced into the sewer system.