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  • Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum Piping
  • 1-Inch Pipe, 230-Foot Length
  • Connects Easily to Any Existing Piping System
  • Easy, One Person Installation
  • Requires No Special Tools
  • Sealed Connections


Save time, money, and hassle with the FastPipe modular aluminum compressed air piping kit from RapidAir. The FastPipe system can be installed by one person, without any expensive tools, and connects to any existing piping system. Its long, straight pipes can be mounted on ceilings and inside or outside walls.

Other systems, like PVC, copper, and black iron, leak 8-10% of air through threaded connections, which taxes your compressor and adds to your utility bill. FastPipe compressed air aluminum pipe, on the other hand, connects perfectly through compression fittings. Sealed connections mean your compressor run time is less. The smooth inner wall and free-flowing fittings also lower your compressed air costs.

RapidAir’s FastPipe aluminum compressed air piping is lightweight, making it easy to cut and lift. It is ideal for industrial plants, manufacturing facilities, small businesses, auto shops, heavy truck repair, and more.

The RapidAir FastPipe F28235 Aluminum Piping Kit includes:

  • 230-feet FastPipe, 12 pieces
  • Mounting Clips (30 each)
  • Unions (3 each)
  • Elbows (5 each)
  • Tees (4 each)
  • Outlets (5 each)
  • 3/4″ Male NPT Adapter (1 each)
  • Spanner Wrenches (2 each)
  • Deburr Tool (1 each)