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  • 232 PSIG pressure rating
  • Compressor capacity options:
    • Low - 100 to 500 SCFM
    • High - 1,300 to 50,000 SCFM
  • Dryer capacity options:
    • Low - 200 to 1,000 SCFM
    • High - 2,600 to 100,000 SCFM
  • 1/2 to 1" NPT connections
  • Voltage:
    • Low capacity - 95-240 VAC 50/60 Hz / 100-125 VDC
    • High capacity - 115 VAC
  • 33 to 140°F operating temperature


The BEKO Technologies BEKOMAT Standard Zero Loss Condensate Drain applies an integrated capacity sensor, smart electronics for volume-controlled discharge, and a proven pilot controlled solenoid valve to release condensate without the loss of compressed air, reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions. An integrated sieve eliminates the need for a Y-strainer, and the possibility of damage due to dirt or other particulates. A visual status indication is given on the drain and can be wired for remote access. The unit continuously monitors both level and function for autonomous operation. The unit is UL/CSA approved, and comes with a standard Viton® diaphragm. The aluminum housing includes a hard coating option for 500 SCFM and higher compressor capacities.