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  • Kohler KDI2504 73.6 HP diesel engine
    • 4 cylinders
    • 2600 RPM max engine speed
    • 4-stroke system, turbo intercooler common rail
    • 2482 cc displacement
    • Turbo intercooler aspiration
  • Automatic glow plug system
  • 24 gallon fuel tank
  • Additional options:
    • Drawbar mounted aftercooler
    • Cold weather kit
    • Dual pressure switch
    • Ball hitch
    • Hose reel kit
    • Skid mount
    • Service kits (50 or 500 hour)


The ELGi D300T4F diesel powered rotary screw air compressor (previously made by Rotair) features a Kohler KDI2504 diesel engine that can produce 290 CFM at 100psi, allowing the unit to be used on job sites where larger compressors are required. The built-in intelligent start/stop system prevents cold starting and blowback. The optional dual pressure system allows the used to switch between 290 CFM at 100psi and 220 CFM at 150psi with ease.

The D300T4F has additional options to meet you application needs. This includes a cold weather kit (block heater and HD battery), 2" ball hitch, dual pressure switch, skid mounting for truck bed installation, a hose reel kit with 50ft of hose, and either 50 or 500 hour service kits.

50 Hour Service Kit Includes:

  • ED0021753180-S Engine Fuel Filter
  • ED0021750010-S Engine Oil Filter
  • 099-009-S Compressor Oil Filter
  • AL-00025 Compressor Oil 5 Gal

500 Hour Service Kit Includes:

  • ED0021753180-S Engine Fuel Filter
  • ED0021750010-S Engine Oil Filter
  • 162-0085-S 1st Engine Air
  • 162-0084-S 2nd Engine Air
  • 162-582-S 1st Air filter
  • 162-583-S 2nd Air filter
  • 099-009-S Compressor Oil Filter
  • 157-1462-S Separator Filter
  • AL-00025 Compressor Oil 5 Gal