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  • Vanguard 3864 23 HP gas engine with electric start
    • 2 cylinders
    • 3600 RPM max engine speed
    • 4-stroke system
    • 627 cc displacement
  • Integrated aftercooler and moisture separator
  • Oil carry-over <1pp
  • 3.9 gallon fuel tank


The ELGi GP35FP gas powered rotary screw air compressor (previously made by Rotair) is designed and manufactured for fiber optic blowing. The compact design makes this compressor maneuverable, easy to lift, and transport to and from the site. The integrated aftercooler and moisture separator reduce the service air temperature to ambient 36°F. The optional skid mount is perfect for installation in the bed of a truck.

Optional 500 Hour Service Kit Includes:

  • 099-007-S Compressor Oil Filter
  • 162-762-S Compressor Air Filter
  • 157-170-S Separator Filter
  • 191-150-S Engine Fuel Filter
  • 099-012-S Compressor Oil Filter
  • 099-031-S Engine Oil Filter
  • 162-0165-S Air Filter
  • AL-00025 Compressor Oil 2.5 Gal